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Organisation and activity of the Slovenian Maritime Administration


The Slovenian Maritime Administration was established in January 1995 as a Maritime Administration and is working under the cover of The Ministry of Infrastructure Planning. The Slovenian Maritime Administration is responsible for the economic development of the port infrastructure and safety at sea, inland waters and lakes. 


Administration carries out a wide range of tasks encompassing all aspects of maritime activity: the safety of navigation, pollution prevention, seaways, ports and harbours, ship surveys, issuing of certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships, port state control, registration of ships, registration of pleasure boats, the issue of seamen books and Certificates of Competence in the Merchant Marine, Boat Leaders Certificates, search  and rescue at sea.

The internal logistics and tasks of The Slovenian Maritime Administration are performed by the following internal units:

  • Harbour Master's office; is performing all tasks regarding maritime traffic, safety at sea, the prevention of pollution at sea and search and rescue at sea,
  • Sector for the investments, real estate and finance; deal with the economic development of the port infrastructure, the use of public goods and the performing of public services,
  • Port State Control; is performing all tasks regarding the inspection of safety at sea; The Slovenian Maritime Administration takes care of the environment through the Maritime Safety Inspectors employed in this sector. The activities of these Inspectors cover the inspection on prevention of pollution from ships. According to the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control.
  • Sector for the maritime documents and general affairs; is responsible for the co-ordination of general affairs between sectors, for international co-operation and legal affairs that have a common interest for the administration.